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Verse on Sexuality

by Jim Mall

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This is the most difficult Verse for me to write. Why? Because sex, sex isn’t about logic. It’s about feeling. This Verse? This Verse has to be felt out. We all know that brides are all about feelings and emotions, correct? So, what is the first thing that transmits feelings to a woman about you?

Your eyes. They tell a lot about you. If you don’t make any eye contact at all, you are afraid, and not a man worthy of that woman being sexual with. You look, but you turn away first? You are submissive. A very small percentage of brides go for that.

But if you maintain the eye contact until she looks away, or one of you say something, you are dominant. Brides love dominant men, whether they like to admit it or not. Dominant men are in touch with their sexuality, and brides love to feel sexual. Dominant men make brides feel sexual. Understand? Good.

Ever watch the moment right before a love scene in a movie? Other than the eye contact mentioned above, there’s something else that you should notice. The pacing of the males voice. He speaks slowly, rhythmic.

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What is this? Like I mentioned before, brides are all about feelings and emotions. Speaking slowly, and altering your tonality, allows the woman to feel your words. As she slowly takes them in, they build her up, turn her on.

This is why brides love sex right after a heated argument. In a short period of time, her emotions have hit both a high and low point. A sexual man constantly fluctuates a woman’s emotions.

Brides. Their bodies are very sensitive, full of energy. When you concentrate on too many spots, too fast, all of that feeling, that energy, disperses, resulting in little, if any, pleasure for her. However, if you concentrate on one spot for awhile, all of that energy rushes to that one area.

Your touch is like a drug to the nerves on her body. Touch her lightly, and her nerves reach out, crying for more. And if you give her too much, touch her too roughly? It’s like a drug overdose, the moment is killed, and the sensitivity in her nerves die.

Ever notice me just playing around with a chick’s hand, lightly grazing her waist or ear? I’m giving her a very small dose of my Love Potion No. 9, leaving her nerves crying for more. That’s what you wanna do when you touch a woman.

Being non-judgmental and open. It allows brides to expose their true sexual fantasies and desires, the things that drive them crazy. To bring these out, you have to open your mind to new ideas and thoughts without judgment, even provoke them. Take action on these exposed sexual desires…experiment, and do it with authority.

You must tease. You must build her up, break her down…leave her begging for more. And most importantly, you must fluctuate her emotions. Dominate.


The eyes don’t lie

Brides love feelings

Give brides time to take in those feelings

Give time by slowing down your voice, slowing down your touch

Brides have a variety of emotions

Fluctuate these emotions as much as possible

Build her up, and break her down, tease

Be open minded about her sexual desires and fantasies

Do not judge her

If she doesn’t express her fantasies and desires, provoke her by suggesting or asking in a non-judgmental way

And most importantly, DOMINATE


I’m going to assume that most of you don’t have brides to practice any of the sexual activities on, so we’re going to do one with eye contact. With the next person (male or female) you see walking in the opposite direction, make eye contact and don’t break away. How did they react, and how did you feel as a result?


I have dated at least four bi-sexual brides, but one stands out. She was the first woman to tell me what I was doing wrong. I was going down on her, she stopped me, and instructed me on how to do it properly. Sexually, she was the best thing to ever happen to me.

Afterwards, she gave me a crash course on female sexuality. As embarrassing as it was, I asked her all kinds of questions, and had her give me constant feedback on what I was doing right and wrong. After hundreds, maybe even thousands of sessions, this woman had turned me into a sex god.

I knew everything I needed to know about female sexuality. But what she didn’t know, was that I was picking up on what she wasn’t telling me as well. Instead of just actively listening to her, I took note of the little things. For example, I picked up on her soap operas, romance films, and why she liked brides. It was the teasing, range of emotions, and drama that turned her on.

I also picked up on the porn that she was watching. Although she kept telling me to be nice to her, the only type of hardcore porn she watched, was that of black men completely dominating brides in bed.

The results? I would combine the three. Not only would I tease her and give her a wide range of emotions, but I would also completely dominate. And this, I would combine with the techniques she taught me. Literally drove her crazy. Even though we’re not together, she continues to come back to me for sex.

So, in conclusion? Do not be afraid to ask, if you are inexperienced. Pay attention to the subtext (what she watches or reads for sexual stimulation). She may be telling you one thing, but may actually want another. And three, experiment.

I would have never found out about the two positions I can fuck a woman in and cause her to squirt all over my bed, if I didn’t experiment a little. Nor would I have figured out that instead of asking a woman to suck my dick, I should just tell her to do it. It came through experimentation, trial and error.


Experimentation does not mean go out and sleep with as many brides as possible. I know several guys that have caught STD’s that way. Although I do have my one night stands, I do them in moderation, and I try to protect myself. As a result, I have never had an STD.

When having a one-night stand, use common sense. If the chick was trying to fuck whomever she could, then that oughtta set off a red flag. And if she jumps on you almost too easily, that should too. One-night stands are fine, but keep in mind, that if she didn’t make you work a little for it, you are probably placing your sexual health at risk.

And speaking of one-night stands, they are what they are. This is not the time to be asking a lot of questions. It can kill the mood. Chances are, she wants a quick fuck, for one night, and she doesn’t want to answer your questions. Just fuck her, and save the questions for your girlfriend or fuck buddy.